The tailored garment

Flannel Bay's "made-to-measure" service is an exclusive experience that guides you in creating perfect clothes designed exclusively for you. Each person has his own individual model, along with customized options, everything is carefully selected. The light inner fabric, the bottoms of the sleeve with real buttonhole, the soft and smooth sleeve with a perfect fit, are the demonstration of a complete quality. A good dress is a work of art, a sign of recognition that shows your personality. We offer you the opportunity to choose fabrics produced by the best Biellesi wool mills. There are also other elements to consider, including buttons, lining, extra pockets and other numerous details, such as the customization of embroidery on the collar or on the placket. The tailor made suits are made in the company in Naples where Flannel Bay has over 40 specialized tailors and all the garments are certified Made in Italy. Many details, such as the undercollar, the armholes, the rivets, are sewn by hand. Within four weeks the dress is ready and can be sent to the customer.

Proof of the garment

Flannel Bay provides a set of clothes to wear to the customer. It is important that the customer wear the model, to assess the fit and find the perfect proportions. Once you find the right model, it will be the starting point on which you can make all the changes. Each customer will have their own pattern saved in our database, it will always be available for any changes.

Following are the steps followed for the custom order.

1. Measurements

The customer is given the model, the wearability and the perfect size. To find the right size for the client to try, it is important to take the measurement of the chest (body size) and divide it in half. The result corresponds roughly to the size of the customer's size. Once you find the right model, you can change the measurements (if necessary), but it is important to use our measurement method.

2. Compilation of the technical sheet and sending

All measurements must be written on a technical sheet, it is also necessary to write the fabric code (selected by the bundle) and the accessory code (chosen from the accessories book). When the technical sheet is completed, you can send it to the "made-to-measure" office. The fabric is ordered and the process of manufacturing and creating the exclusive tailored garment begins.

3. Model creation

The model maker will make the model, it will be saved in our database.

4. Garment cutting and stitching

The garment will be cut by hand by a group of expert tailors. Later it will go into production. Our specialized tailors will complete the handmade tailoring work with the use of high precision machines, thus ensuring a very high quality.

5. Quality control

A careful quality control will give the final touch to make our tailored garment, a unique item designed and made to measure.

Within four weeks the garment will be ready and shipped.